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~~~ National Security and Nuclear Diplomacy ~~~

Title: What is National Security and Nuclear Diplomacy?, Explain National Security and Nuclear Diplomacy
Created on: 2019-01-29
Source Link: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/National_Security_and_Nuclear_Diplomacy


Description: National Security and Nuclear Diplomacy is the memoir of Hassan Rouhani, the first secretary of Iran’s Supreme National Security Council who was also in charge of Iran’s nuclear case under President Mohammad Khatami as tensions began to escalate over Iran’s nuclear program. About two years after this book was first published in 2011, its author was elected as President of Iran on 15 June 2013. In this book, he has focused on Iran’s nuclear program and challenges created by the Western countries, especially the United States and three European countries of France, Germany and United Kingdom, during 678 days when he and his team were handling Iran’s nuclear case. The history of Iran’s nuclear technology and the process of achieving complete nuclear fuel cycle are major topics of the book. This is the first book written by a high-ranking Iranian official who was once leading Iran’s nuclear negotiating team. Other memoirs have been also published on Iran’s nuclear case including by Mohamed ElBaradei , Joschka Fischer , Jack Straw , and Hossein Mousavian .


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