A lot of you asked me what it’s like to be a diplomat’s daughter. It’s not all rainbows & butterflies, there were times when we struggled as a family, when I struggled as a person, trying to adapt to new surroundings. In case you didn’t know, a diplomat is an official appointed by the government to represent one’s home country abroad. I typically spent 3-4 years abroad, alternating 2 years in my home country.PLEASE NOTE, that this video isn’t me trying to brag or boast, I simply wanted to portray what it’s been like for me.

I am very proud of my dad. My dad wasn’t born from a rich family, he came from a small town and made his own way to the top. He only had ONE dream growing up, and that is to travel the world. And so, he did; by working his *butt off and becoming a diplomat.

I am sure that you all have wonderful stories about your own father. I hope you truly appreciate them, because you’ll never really quite realize their worth until they are gone.

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