Whether one agrees or disagrees with, supports or opposes, or what one's personal opinion of the man, may be, there should be, nearly, universal agreement, President Donald Trump, is certainly, unlike, any of his predecessors, in recent memory. Although, having personally worked on numerous political campaigns, for over 4 decades, I recognize, most politicians, stretch the truth, and resort to spinning the facts, to put them, in the best, possible, light, Trump has taken that tendency, to previously, unobserved, heights! Political fact – checkers have stated, he has lied, or materially mis – stated information, an average of over 5 times, per day, since his election! With that in mind, this article will attempt to briefly examine, review and consider, 5 situations, where these lie. have created true losers.

1. Himself: Every time someone lies, and gets caught, either lying, or contradicting himself, he becomes a loser, because he. ends up, losing his personal credibility! Why should anyone believe anything, this man says, when he tells so many lies, constantly and consistently? Is he a congenital liar, a pathological one, or similar to, The boy who cried wolf ? The reality is, when something significant needs to be addressed, his constant use of stretching the truth, will make it challenging, to get many to believe anything he says and / or claims!

2. International: Rhetoric and vitriol, often, have significant ramifications, and when the President of the United States, which is considered, the most powerful individual, in the free world, makes heated claims, and either exaggerates, mis – states, and / or lies, he loses his credibility, around the world! In fact, numerous polls have indicated, the US is now held in the lowest esteem, throughout the world, it has ever been!

3. His core supporters / followers: Candidate, Trump claimed, I love the uneducated , apparently, in order, to inspire these individuals, to support his candidacy! He made many promises, for example, to factory workers, coal miners, etc, which, either, he knew, at the time, or should have, were, at the very least, exaggerations! These individuals have been hurt, because, they would have been better served, by retraining and relevant preparation, for the evolving world, and no one is served, when he claims to deny Climate Change, etc!

4. America's freedoms: Trump appears to get his facts from, what is often, referred to, as the Alt Right , or Far Right , and rather than, exploring realities and alternatives, has often made inflammatory statements, about many topics. His attempt to motivate certain fringe followers, by articulating vitriol, and using inflammatory statements, etc, has threatened, the very, freedoms, which have made America, great! For a man, whose slogan is, Make America Great Again, shouldn't we demand, a commitment to the truth?

5. Neediest Americans: Perhaps the biggest losers, in Trump's reliance on lying, are the neediest Americans! These individuals need leadership, which focuses on ways to improve their lives, rather than one, who claims to care, while constantly supporting laws and ideas, which are against their best interests, such as the recent tax reform, which favored corporations and the wealthiest , and health care reform, which would have taken away certain necessary protections. The constant attacks on minorities, immigrants, the Press, etc, have had their greatest, negative impact, on those, who can least afford it!

Trump states he wants to Make American Great Again, but, then, seems to demonstrate, his idea of ​​greatness, is often based on lies, distortions, and enriching the wealthiest, often, at the expense of the rest of the nation. Wake up America, and show, you won't be swayed, by lies, etc!

Source by Richard Brody

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