My wife and I have discovered a few things we would like to relate to Joe the Meat Man. To those of you who have heard of Joe the Meat Man probably know he is a bit out there and even a bit strange or weird, but is really being different all that bad…we don’t think so, because so many great men and women on this planet were or are a bit different.

Just to give you a few people who were thought of as weird when they walked the planet. They we men like Benjamin Franklin, Abe Lincoln, Martin Luther King, John F Kennedy, Harry Truman, Albert Einstein, Winston Churchill, Elvis Presley, so as you can see being different is not necessarily a bad trait to have. In our opinion, Joe is by no means trying to convert you into some “drink the cool aid” cult…what he seems to be trying to teach people is actually quite simple to understand but extremely difficult for us to achieve, is to be someone who cares about mankind. It seems like Joe is just trying to do what the “Great” Zig Ziegler has been teaching for so many years, which is you can have anything you want if you just help enough people get what they want. Take the movie “White Men Can’t Jump with Woody Harrelson and Wesley Snipes.” When they are in the car with Rosie Perez driving down the road in this convertible with Woody in the backseat and Wesley is in the front. You hear Woody and Wesley talking about Jimmy Hendrix. They say “you can’t just hear Jimmy, you have to hear Jimmy” and they argue about how they are not really hearing Jimmy. Which really only means they understand the music behind Jimmy. Joe the Meat Man is very similar to that…you need to hear Joe…not really just hear his voice or the way he is talking but more like what it is he is saying…take the time to listen and understand the music behind him…what he is really saying.

It’s really quite a simple concept, but as we said above it’s not the easiest to master as we’ve been trying for years, before we even met Joe. It seems like to us, and its only our opinion, but he is trying his best to teach you greatness, but not greatness in his eye or someone else eyes, but within your eyes…recognizes the greatness within you. He really seems to want nothing more than for you to celebrate yourself, but as he will tell you if what he telling you doesn’t resonate with you that’s fine leave. We feel all he wants is for YOU to be all YOU were put in this wonderful world to be, and then he goes even a step further and actually discusses and examines with people just how it’s possible.

The first thing we grabbed from him is its important to understand and truly believe your God, creator, life force, or whatever entity you want to call it…is within you, and your destiny is within you, and your success is within you and he is simply helping you to recognize it by helping you to look inside yourself and like so many doctor do…and examine themselves…your inner being, discover who you really are and allow that person to shine. You are so incredibly great if you only allow your inner self to understand, and see your greatness.

Most of the things Joe writes about or frequently talks about is not something he has made up, it’s only something he has read about, learned and seems to relate them so you can do the same. For example he has said, and most of you should recognize where this comes from, “To thy own self be true.” This can be so profound, yet so very hard to accomplish. There is no doubt in our mind many people agree with the statement, but agree with the thought it’s not enough; if you want success and I’m talking about massive success. The kind of success people talk about, people dream about, people pray about, and people search their lives to discover. The only way most reach the kind of success we are referring to is by looking inside and learning to love that person…Donald Trump did it…Ben Franklin did it…Martin Luther King did it, and so many others.

How many of you have heard if you can’t truly love yourself how it is possible to ever truly love anyone else, and if you only think on that for a short time you would agree. Glance into your mirror every chance you get and see the person behind those beautiful bright eyes, and learn to love that person, and love that person more than you have ever loved someone before. Get rid of your Ego by loving yourself and not to the point where you think you are better than anyone else because your not…you want to truly learn to love yourself because as you do your body language, your words and even your expressions will bring forth a person who is great, but humble demonstrating this through actions. It’s a fact the more love you have for yourself the more love you have to share with the world, and the more love you share with the world the more truly successful you become., Let’s just add to this a bit by saying, if you take this further you can have more success than you have ever dreamed possible in your life if you only help enough people reach the success they dreamed about.

So now we say to you…who is Joe Schroeder the Meat Man…is he a messiah…hell no…Can he walk on water…no, although he was a magician but unless he knows where the rocks are he will sink just like all of us…he is nothing more than a man. Granted he is, in his own words, a bit strange, weird, and you seen the list is above of a few great men who fit into that same category, so maybe he is a bit odd, but still just a man trying to help Mankind and maybe make this a better place to live. He brings the words of so many great men and women to life. Ben Franklin had a master mind group it met quite regularly called “Junto”, and if you have a chance to find one that fits with you jump into it with both feet.

In closing if living…we mean really living in a place where you daily give thanks to your creator, God, energy source or to that special entity you believe is greater than you, and you have filled your heart with complete and total love for yourself and mankind, coupled with every bone in your body is patriotic for a country, a flag, and a group of men and women who fight daily…did you hear that…fight daily and give their lives up just so we can live in a world where capitalism or free enterprise thrives…then lead me to the cool aid…we will gladly partake of that nectar and will do it by the gallons if available. This is a simply concept, but extremely hard to master and it’s but ONE simple lesson if you can learn to allow your Ego to get out of the way…which is the most important thing you can do for yourself to be successful in any line of business you choose. Ask your self one question if your following your subconscious are you getting all you want…really how is it working out for you…or do you need to do an examination?

Source by Paul Gaume

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