Whether one agrees, and supports, or disagrees, and strongly opposes, the administration of President Donald Trump, and the apparent direction, he is guiding our nation towards, all should recognize and admit, we are experiencing a period of time, which is the most polarizing, in recent memory! Shouldn't one of the essential goals, requirements, and matters, of all public leaders, be, to bring us together, for the common good, and reaching (or at least, attempting to reach), a true, meeting – of – the – minds? We need to demand better from our public and elected officials, which, emphasizes, and prioritizes, how they might, be the individual, who BRINGS people together, and represents all Americans, instead of, merely, his supporters and followers! With that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, using the mnemonic approach, what this means and represents, and why we need, this type of leadership.

1. Benefits; beliefs; better: When they focus on benefits, for all, rather than partisan politics, and seek, to serve and represent, the best interests of all, they become better leaders! They are entitled to their beliefs, and should articulate these, openly, and honestly, but, must never represent their personal opinions, as facts. One is entitled to his own opinions, but never, his own set of facts!

2. Relevant; reliable; realistic; responsive / responsible: What good are any promises, if they are empty, and / or, fail to be relevant? When President Trump emphasizes his slogan, Make America Great Again , does that indicate, a desire to look at various options and alternatives, or, does using, the word, again , mean, he's emphasizing, his perception of the Good Old Days ? Rather, we need individuals, who are well – informed, have the needed expertise and experiences, and proceed, in a reliable, realistic manner! Unless / until, public officials are both, responsive, and responsible, he probably, shouldn't be serving in the position, he holds!

3. Integrity; ideas; ideals; imagination; insights: When was the last time, it seemed, an official maintained absolute integrity, despite the availability of a simpler path? His ideals, and well – developed, imagination, must bring about ideas, and insights, which enhance his group's and constituent's best interests!

4. Needs: Leading must be based on the needs, and relevant, sustainable realities, goals, and matters, of the group, and citizens!

5. Generate goodwill; greater good: When one's attitude, and message, he articulates, pits people, against others, he is not generating goodwill, and, thus, in the longer – run, is harming our nation's future! Instead, these people must abandon their personal / political agenda, and self – interest, and serve the greater good!

6. Serve / service; solve / solutions; sustainable; stronger; system: We elect people to serve and represent, all our people, and protect all the rights and guarantees, granted in our American Constitution! The goal must be to solve, in a meaningful way, providing viable solutions, instead of empty promises, and rhetoric! Their service must make us stronger, and their legacy, should be the quality of their system, towards making our nation better!

It's all about, how a public official, BRINGS people together! Wake up, America, exercise your right and obligation to vote, and do so, in a more informed manner!

Source by Richard Brody

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