Wouldn't it be nice, if instead of the constant arguments, polarizing rhetoric, and false facts (used), we witnessed more conversations, which were civil, civilized, and we remained friendly, when we disagreed, and simply, agreed, to disagree? It seems, for the last couple of decades, the divide, within our nation, and its citizens, has widened, and there seems to be little, to no attempt, to find any middle – ground, and / or, meeting – of – the – minds, for the common good! A nation divided among itself , is not merely less effective, but enhances the possibility, for it getting worse! In fact, many believe, the degree of division (and depth of it), is the widest, since the American Civil War! While some seek simplistic reasons for this, placing the blame, on, President Trump, the White Supremacists, immigrants, or some other diversion, this article will seek to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, 5 possible reasons, and the inherent danger, the polarizing of the electorate, may be, to the future of our nation.

1. 5% of middle: For the majority of the relatively short history, of the United States, we have elected Presidents, whose political position, was within a somewhat limited middle – range, generally from 5% to the left, or right. This seemed to change, in 1980, when President Reagan, was elected, with a perspective, considerably further to the right. However, he did so, in a positive, unifying (or attempted) manner, and avoided the rhetoric, and vitriol, we witness today! The next few elected Presidents, moved back, towards the middle, until 2008, when Barack Obama, moved a little further to the left (but, again, without the polarizing rhetoric), however, this seemed to change, significantly, in 2016, when Donald Trump, resorted to conspiracy theories, rhetoric, vitriol, empty promises, and an appeal, to the more extreme positions of his core supporters. Since his election, he has articulated a polarizing position, and, while his base strongly supports in him, and appears willing to support him (regardless of what happens), much of the rest of the electorate, appears to feel despair, and fear, about the apparent attack on many of America's principles. etc.

2. 24/7 Cable News Cycle, and Internet: Today, we are inundated, by constant over – exposure, from cable news, and the Internet, where previously, we gathered our news and information, from fewer, but probably, more reliable media vehicles. In addition, we seem to constantly hear, many lies and misstatements, much more often, and severe, than we have, in the past! President Trump, according to one of the major fact – checking organizations, in fact, has, either, lied or made a major misstatement, over 10,000 times, since he was elected.

3. Trolls / fake news: When one of the President's spokespeople, proclaims, there are 2 versions of facts, and, what appears to be a lie, is merely, an alternative fact, most voters, lose attention and focus, and don ' t know, what to believe! While, each of us, is entitled to our own opinions, we aren't granted the right to our own sets of facts!

4. The Trump Factor: Whether one agrees with, or opposes, Mr. Trump, there must be universal agreement, he is behaving, and acting, far differently, that his predecessors! When the present occupant of the White House, has been, under investigation since his election, and uses polarizing language, rhetoric, and vitriol, nearly every day, how does that bring us, together?

5. Hatred / bigotry / fears: Our Constitution was created, with a focus on certain principles, and ideas, including freedoms, liberty, and justice, for all, but, today, we're witnessing far too much hatred, bigotry, and appeal to the fears of our citizens, instead of bringing us together, for the common good!

Wake up, America, and protect the nature and freedoms of this nation, which have made us, a gleaming example, for the rest of the world! Make this about the type of nation, we are, and want to be!

Source by Richard Brody

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