Have you ever wondered, why so many people, continue to support, and trust, any particular, public official, even when he clearly demonstrates, the rhetoric, and promises, he made, as a candidate, were merely, empty, and focused on getting elected, rather than serving the common good, etc? Is it because of the significant degree of voter apathy, where less than half, of eligible voters, actually, take advantage of this important right, and assume the responsibility, or, because, few are willing to pay, keen attention, to what’s going on? How does, the way, individuals receive their news, factor, into, their perceptions, and what, they believe, to be, the truth? With that in mind, this article will attempt to briefly examine, consider, review, and discuss, 5 possibilities, why, so many, core supporters, seem to look away, rather than focus on what’s actually, going on.

1. Celebrity: If voters would pay more attention, to who, might be the best qualified, rather than personalities, and/ or, celebrity status, those assuming positions of significance, would, probably be, better equipped, to make the most important decisions, etc. When Americans elected Donald Trump, to the highest office in the land, in 2016, no doubt, many did so, because of their perceptions, and his perceived, celebrity!

2. Agree with an agenda: While we might hope, more would seek leadership, which emphasized the common good, and respect all the rights, liberties, and freedoms, this nation has stood for, the reality, is, many cast their votes, based on their own biases and prejudices, and whether they believe, a specific candidate, shares these, somewhat, tainted views!

3. Scape – goats: Many prefer to blame others, and complain, rather than assume any personal responsibility, and provide ideas, and viable solutions, to make changes, for the better! President Trump appears, to be, particularly adept, at making others, scape – goats, as a political, rhetorical, way, to inspire his core supporters!

4. Priorities and perceptions: While some may attempt to see, what happens, and events, objectively, the reality is, we all have personal perceptions, which impact our ability, to do so! Because many feel, so strongly, about certain of their personal priorities, they continue to overlook, other flaws, lies, etc, made by political leaders, even if they, fail to serve the common good, and, in some instances, even their actual best interests!

5. Believe the excuses/ explanations: Many are blinded by what they wish, might be, so, they, continue to believe the excuses, and explanations, even when the evidence, clearly, demonstrates, a particular leader, is lying, or only considering his self – interest!

Voter apathy, and lack of patience, to objectively consider, all the events, and eventualities, are the enemy of quality, representative government! We need to elect leaders, who focus on the common good, and respecting all the rights and freedoms, rather than selectively doing so!

Source by Richard Brody

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