Few of us, could have imagined, hearing the President of the United States, proclaim, if he was not reelected, there would be Civil War, the economy would be destroyed, and the nation's safety and security, would be threatened! However, since the election of Donald Trump, as President, in 2016, these types of statements, and many other, similar, unexpected / unanticipated ones, have been articulated, repeatedly! This behavior is, far more severe, and potentially, dangerous, than, simply, being, abnormal, but seems to be, aimed, at our fears, and to frighten us, rather than appeal to our more humane qualities. Calling people names, who oppose him, politically, is the antithesis of true leadership! Referring to immigrants, and other minorities, in fear – producing, unflattering, ways, and using an apparently, nasty approach, aimed at creating FRIGHT and fears, seems to be, un – American! With that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, using the mnemonic approach, what this means and represents, and the risks, this presents, to the best aspects of the American Way of Life .

1. Fears; false facts; fake; future: When our national leadership, refuses to prioritize the future, and focuses on bring us, back to its perceived past, it produces a clear, and present danger, and risks a sustainable existence, to future generations! This administration's emphasis, using slogans such as, Make America Great, does exactly that! Appealing to our fears, and articulating constant fake facts, is false leadership! Shouldn't we do better than that?

2. Reality ?; rationale; reliable ?; revenge: Distorting reality, and using a false – rationale, is anything but, a reliable way to lead this nation! President Trump, often, appears to focus on getting revenge against his opponents, for his own personal / political agenda, and / or, self – interest, regardless of whether it best serves our citizens and nation!

3. Interference; influence; integrity ?: Shouldn't we demand a high degree of absolute, genuine integrity, from the leader of the nation? Instead of doing so, this President seems to use his influence, and the power of his office, to create interference, when it benefits him, and / or, his agenda, etc!

4. Greater good: The occupant of the White House, is supposed to serve and represent, all Americans, instead of, merely, his core supporters, and followers! It should be his duty and obligation, to serve on, and emphasize the greater good!

5. Healing ?; humane ?: How do we benefit, when the President, seems to care little about healing our wounds, and / or, humane aspects, needs, and implications?

6. Time – tested; timely: Donald Trump appears to care little about making the effort, or taking the time, to learn, and / or, discover, in an in – depth, detail – oriented way! This time – tested approach, must be combined, with the ability to proceed, with a well – considered, timely action plan, focused on bring us, together, for the common good!

FRIGHT must not become the focus of the leader of the free world, but, rather, we need to be served and represented, by an individual, who, puts citizens, and the nation, first! Wake up, America, because, this isn't normal, and may be, extremely dangerous, both, in the short – term, as well as the longer – run!

Source by Richard Brody

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