Whether it's because, many feel disenfranchised, or, believe their vote won't make any difference and / or count, or the level of the individuals, who seek elected office, we have noticed, in the United States of America, voter turnout is low and disappointing (for example, half the eligible voters did not exercise their right, in the Presidential election of 2016). Some state, in 2016, many did like and / or trust, either candidate, and Donald Trump was elected, because so many disliked his opponent. Others proclaim, some of the so – called, progressives, were disappointed when Bernie Sanders, did not win the Democratic nomination, so didn't care to vote. Of course, some rarely or never exercise this franchise, to vote, perhaps because of APATHY , or the length of the election process. Every once in a while, we witness elections, where, just, a few votes, determine the winner. With that in mind, this article will attempt to review, consider, and evaluate, using the mnemonic approach, some of the aspects, involved, as well as potential issues, and reasons, voter apathy, threatens the strength of our society / nation.

1. Attention; ask: Perhaps because of the negativity of the rhetoric, and the boredom with the many empty promises, while some immerse themselves, in the political process, many turn – off ! When confronted with, either paying keen attention, or getting tired of, the politics and politicians, they opt for the latter. However, until / unless, more citizens pay more attention, and ask relevant, probing questions, we will continue to be served by representatives, who, often, focus, far more on their personal / political agenda, and / or, self – interests , than making a difference, and changes, for the better.

2. Politics; policies; meaning; perceptions; promises: Wouldn't we be better off, if politics were based on specifically, and addressed needs, goals, and perceptions, rather than, business – as – usual, where relevant, sustainable policies, were introduced, and empty promises, were replaced with viable solutions?

3. Aptitude; articulate; accuracy: In our present system, we often elect, candidates who made promises, or stoked – fears, rather than articulated a realistic, relevant, plan of action. Voters should seriously consider a potential office – holder's aptitude, and whether the particular skill – set, will effectively serve our nation and citizens. Demand accuracy, rather than accepting lies, and half – truths, and populist myths!

4. Timely: Beware of anyone who speaks of the good – old, days! Rather, seek someone, who understands the history and heritage, recognizes what is relevant, and sustainable, and is ready, willing, and able to proceed, consistently, with well – considered, timely action!

5. Healing; head / heart: We need leaders who use both logic, and emotion, in a relevant, head / heart balance! Avoid those who are polarizing, and vote for those, who prioritize healing, for the common good!

6. You; your: Each voter must assume his personal responsibility, and realize, voting, and making your voice heard, is, up to you!

Rather than complaining about past elections, and why, we need better, we need, far less, voter APATHY , and far more, well – considered, involvement. Will you take your part responsibly?

Source by Richard Brody

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