In my lifetime, I have observed, the level of civility, between fellow Americans, has significantly decreased, especially in recent days. Chris Matthews wrote an incredible book about then – Speaker of the House, Tip O’ Neill (who Matthews worked for), and then – President Ronald Reagan, who politically, had extremely different views, yet, after – hours, were able to socialize, and, actually, enjoy, each other’s company. When we observe, much of today’s political advertising, the tone is far more adversarial, and often, misleading, seemingly, by – intent. This polarization, often – empty rhetoric and promises, and focus on being adversarial, rather than unifying, seems to have put, so many of us, on EDGE, and seemingly, fearful, edgy, and unwilling, to listen to those with other opinions or perspectives. What ever happened to the part of our Pledge of Allegiance, which states, with liberty and justice, for all? With that in mind, this article will attempt to briefly examine, consider, review, and discuss, using the mnemonic approach, what this means and represents, and why it’s such a truly negative component, and feeling.

1. Empathy; explanations; excellence; establish: Our society needs a willingness to proceed with, and focus upon, the utmost degree of genuine empathy, in order to better understand, and perceive of, the concerns, needs and priorities, of others. Perhaps, because of the election of President Donald Trump, who appears to use vitriol, and rhetoric, to inspire and motivate his core supporters, often, at the apparent expense of others, we have observed, little willingness to listen effectively, and learn from every experience and conversation, and a focus, on, the, My way or the highway, form, of leadership, rather than attempting to provide explanations, and establish a more positive link/ connection. Don’t we deserve leaders, who focus on excellence, for all, rather than merely, prioritizing their personal/ political agenda, and/ or, self – interest?

2. Delve deeply; deliver; determine; distance: We need publish officials, willing to recognize, the impact of their actions and rhetoric, and who, have the guts, to distance themselves from any extremists, and/ or haters, even if those people support him, personally! They must delve deeply, determine options, alternatives, and the best interests of the overall nation, and delivering, quality leadership, for all, rather than merely one’s core supporters!

3. Generate goodwill: People feel better, when, even if they disagree about politics, and policy, they believe, and feel, their public officials, truly care about the best interests of the nation! Only when/ if, these leaders, proceed, in a manner, emphasizing, generating goodwill, will citizens, feel a broader sense of calm!

4. Endurance; enrich: Elected officials must possess the endurance, to go on, despite resistance, or obstacles, especially, if their focus and priorities, are to enrich the American citizens, and our way, of life!

Wake up, America, and vote for candidates, who make you feel better about the future of our nation! The less, citizens, feel, on – EDGE, the better we proceed.

Source by Richard Brody

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