Perhaps, because of the advances in technology, including computers, the Internet, and the necessity of cyber – security, or, perhaps, because of the development, of so many, possible, weapons of mass destruction, etc, there may be, more need, than ever, on strategic alliances, etc, than ever! In today’s, often – threatening, disconcerting, times, wouldn’t it make sense, if our leader’s focused on becoming, even stronger allies, with our historical friends, and those, closest to sharing our common views, regarding freedoms, liberties, etc? With that in mind, this article will attempt to briefly consider, examine, and review, 5 examples, of why this matters, and is significant.

1. G – 7: The recent meeting of the so – called, G – 7, nations, demonstrated some of the challenges, to the pursuit of the concepts of allies, and working together. However, President Donald Trump, and his, Make America Great Again, rhetoric and agenda (#MAGA), goes against the concept of supporting our allies, and working together, for the best interests of the free world! Trump’s claim, and often – stated, complaint, of being tired of being taken advantage of, and threatening, as well as imposing tariffs on our historic allies, justifying them, with the rhetoric of national security, certainly does not endear, either the man, or our nation, with their nations. When one begins by stating, he felt strongly, the G – 7, should be the G – 8, including, Russia, which was expelled, several years ago, because of its behavior, etc, and ends, with accusing the Canadian Prime Minister, of being weak, and a liar, moves us in the direction of near – isolation, rather than honoring alliances, etc.

2. Future needs: Our President withdrew the United States from the Paris Accords, and has clearly demonstrated, either he doesn’t care, and/ or believe, in the scientific evidence of climate change, and the need for the environmental essentials of clean air, and clean water. Never in recent history, has our Environmental Protection Administration, reduced regulating protecting our air and water quality!

3. Support for Russia, without discussion with allies, etc: For whatever reason, Trump has often appeared to support Russia, often, apparently, to a greater degree than our allies! Since nearly everyone, except him, believe Russia, interfered with our last election, why, would, seeking, to reward them, encourage our allies, and/ or most of our citizens?

4. Changing, confusing signals: Other nations are generally discouraged, and concerned, when we change our core message, thus providing changing, confusing signals! At this point in time, when we are witnessing, so many potential threats, etc, doesn’t it make sense, we should strive for more, rather than less cooperation, with our historic allies?

5. Tone of rhetoric: While many of the President’s core supporters, like, and enjoy, the tone of his rhetoric, etc, this approach, is often, perceived, as being adversarial, non – cooperative, and polarizing, by much of the rest, of the free world!

Rather than trying to come to some common ground, and a meeting, of the minds, with our historically, closest allies, President Trump, has taken us, in an apparently different direction. What might possibly go wrong with that approach?

Source by Richard Brody

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