Nearly everyone, whether they support, or oppose, the policies, etc, of President Donald Trump, realize and recognize, we have never witnessed, any previous occupant of the office, who used the rhetoric, he has consistently articulated! While some either agree, or object, to specific words, or the tone of his message, what might be, more significant, etc, is the overall, and specific impacts, of what he says. Fact – checkers state, Mr. Trump, has either lied, or articulated major misstatements, an average of over 5 times, per day, since his election, and, like, the story, The Boy Who Cried Wolf, eventually, even if he's truthful, many won believe him, etc. With this in mind, this article will attempt to briefly. review and consider, 5 examples, of why, the words of a prominent elected official, matter.

1. Within US: Although we have gone over half a century, since major civil rights legislation, was enacted, in the United States, it seems to many, Mr. Trump's reference to Make America Great Again , may be a subliminal message, to appeal to those, who want to go back, to the past, when certain American freedoms, might not have existed. Whether he truly is, or not, many perceive this President, to be either racist, or possess numerous biases and prejudices! Shouldn't the goal and objective, of our President, to bring Americans together, rather than be a polarizing influence?

2. International / foreign perception: The United States has always prided itself, on serving as the moral and ethical example, for the rest of the world! Today, it seems, that's no longer the case, and when I have traveled, internationally, in the past year, citizens of foreign nations, question, what's happened to us. The level of Mr. Trump's rhetoric, vitriol, threats and adversarial style, appear to be hurting the reputation and image of this nation!

3. Have we earned the right to maintain others' respect ?: Being respected by other nations, is an essential consideration, if we hope to create more cooperation, and / or consensus, for the better! This President's negative statements, regarding agreements, such as NAFTA, and the Paris Accords, has indicated, we are willing to defer, from any leadership position, around the world. While no one can be certain, doesn't it seem, when Trump taunts, the President of North Korea, makes contrary statements regarding the Middle East, Iran, Pakistan, etc, things may not turn out, well?

4. Solutions, versus bravado / blaming and complaining: It seems every time, President Trump is, or feels challenged, he resorts to blaming, complaining, or exhibiting bravado ! We need leadership, which focuses on genuine needs, goals and objectives, and expends his energy, towards creating and developing viable solutions!

5. Working with Congress: We are experiencing a level of partisan politics, unlike any, we have witnessed, in recent memories! President Trump, seems, to be unwilling, or unable, to accept, the fact, the American government, is based on Separation of Powers, with the Executive, Legislative, and Judicial Branches, co – equal partners! The tone and vitriol of his rhetoric, seems to polarize, rather than seek quality and focus, in a cooperative manner!

Words matter, especially, when they come out of the mouth, of the President. President Trump's rhetoric and vitriol, may attract his core supporters, but, seems to turn others, off!

Source by Richard Brody

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