In one of his earliest books, Chris Matthews, reviews the relationship between the former Speaker of the House, Tip O'Neal (who he worked for), and President Ronald Reagan, and, how, although they disagreed, dramatically, in terms of their politics, and political orientations, personally, respected each other, and enjoyed each other's company. This civility permitted, far more willingness, and potential, to compromise, for the common good, and emphasize the overall, common good, of their policies. Does not it seem, today, we are witnessing, far more polarization, and adversarial attitudes, and a more negative, personal discourse, etc? Would not it make sense, if we considered, and focused on a more CIVIL approach, the nation would be stronger, and more unified? With that in mind, this article will attempt to briefly consider, review, and discuss, using the mnemonic approach, some of what this means and presents, and why we'd be better served.

1. Character; creative; compromise; course: We appear to be paying less attention to the character, of those we elect, and more, to their promises, and, often, empty rhetoric. When the nation elected Donald Trump, as his 45th President, the campaign, was full of far more rhetoric, and vitriol, and less focused on viable solutions, and / or common good! What ever happened to creative ideas, and approaches, which would make improvements, rather than purely changes? Michael Bloomberg has often discussed, his opinion, condemning our most effective leadership, rules from the so-called, center or middle, and creates conversations. and brings about compromises, which sets the country on a steady course, of meeting the needs, of individuals, from many parts of the political spectrum.

2. Integrity; ideas; Imagination: We need a restoration, and emphasis on electing leaders, with a willingness, to maintain their integrity, even when there might be a path, of less resistance! When this is combined, with an outside – the – box, focused imagination, the citizens benefit!

3. Value; values; vision: Would not it be better, if, even those who disagree, politically, could share a vision, based on enhancing America's values, for all? This would require electing individuals, who focused on the best set of priorities, in order to bring the necessary value, which would motivate and inspire, and comfort more Americans!

4. Ideology: Rather than telling voters, merely, what they want to hear, we need to elect individuals, who maintain a firm commitment, to the core ideology, and base approaches, on relevance, and commitment to all the Constitutional freedoms and liberties , and the common good!

5. Listen; learn; leadership: Before anyone runs for office, would not it make sense, for them, to take a listening tour, so they could effectively listen, and learn, what the needs, goals, priorities and perceptions of their constituents? We need more genuine leadership, and far less rhetoric, promises, and, especially, vitriol!

Wake up, America, and elect more CIVIL public officials. If we do this, then, America will maximize its potential, and true greatness!

Source by Richard Brody

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