When it comes to the reasons of infidelity people may think that cheating women are far more different than cheating men. Actually the case proves the same. They just have a different form of expression and certain reasons root from different psychological places. In order to handle the situation where are cheating woman is involved it is of great importance to understand their nature and how these play a vital role in a woman’s day-to-day emotional and psychosexual encounters.

Women are insecure beings as well. They want constant reassurance that they are still wanted by their men especially in the looks department. This is the reason why they spend so much money on changing their hair. If it’s brunette, they dye it platinum blonde, then next month it miraculously turns red.

If naturally have straight hair they spend so much time with their curling irons, and if it’s naturally curly, they iron it straight for hours and hours. Women like to change their appearance because they want to feel wanted by their man. They want to surprise their partners with variety and if they do not get the satisfaction of a man noticing these changes, they immediately take it out on their self image.

Women want the same amount of appreciation for their beauty just as much as men crave appreciation for their provisions. If you are not making her feel that special way, she could seek it elsewhere.

Sex is also a need for women. Unfortunately, in some cases, this social understatement leads some women go through a point of emotional desperation, and a series of sexual repressions. Since society has portrayed women to be sexually modest and expects them to be prim and proper at all times, women tend to become more embarrassed of their sexuality in front of their partners.

They are afraid to taint their husbands’ or boyfriends’ immaculate view of them, so they displace the hidden unexpressed bestial sexuality with someone else. Someone they don’t really care about. They are afraid to be judged by the men they love. They think that if they show their wild sides they will lose their man’s respect and approval.

They may be a lady with their husbands or boyfriends but they can be a freak in the sheets with their other lovers. In a case like this, these are the types of women who are either sexually deprived by their men, who do not give enough attention, satisfaction and stimulation in bed, or those who are in a relationship that lacks constant communication.

What these women really just need is to be able to tell their partners how they want to be pleased. Keep the lines of communication open and she’ll be more likely to talk to you about what’s going on instead of spilling her guts to a stranger in the night.

Sex can be an instantly boost to a woman’s self esteem. Making women feel sexier, more beautiful and more loved. If your wife or girlfriend has self-esteem issues, it doesn’t mean she’s automatically going to cheat on you, nor do you need to take it out on yourself if she does. It’s not your fault. What you just need to do is to reassure her with your love. Pay attention to her needs and compliment her often. Make sure she feels that you are sincerely going to be there even if she’ll look like a whale 5 years down the road. Besides, a little white lie never hurt anybody!

For women trust in a romantic relationship is synonymous to a one billion business contract with Donald Trump. If you break her trust, you break her heart. There’s nothing scarier than a woman whose heart just got broken. Her bellowing rage can send her to do things that can hit you where it hurts. Some stupid, stupid things like cheating.

This is not to justify that it’s okay for women to cheat on you after you broke her trust, but the point here is that men should not tap into women’s bad side because it is common knowledge that a cheating woman is more damaging to the ego than a cheating man. So it doesn’t matter if you slept with her best friend, or busted all of your life savings at a poker night with the Yakuza clan, a woman’s broken trust can push open Pandora’s box.

Instead of breaking up with their boyfriends some women find it easier to cheat. This is because they honestly don’t want to deal with the drama of explaining what really bothers them. They want a convenient way out, any way out just to get rid of you.

She knows that giving a man a series of second chances to “work things out” actually no longer works out for her. She wants to create a reason to just end it. This usually happens when a woman has reached her boiling point. A point where she knows there’s no hope for the relationship to improve, no matter how often she nags to you about spending more time with her or how much she tries to get your attention away from your friends on weekends. Not all women who have reached their limit are inevitably going to cheat, but men should also take this factor into consideration.

There’s a common knowledge that a woman who nags still, in the deepest core of her heart, believes that there is room for improvement in the relationship- that’s why she still bothers. You should be concerned when a woman suddenly just stops nagging. It means she’s given up on you. Beware! The next course of her actions can possibly be very detrimental.

If you have it all: the two-storey mansion, a sports car and a minivan, membership to the most prestigious country club in town, a rest house in the Hamptons, a Golden Retriever and two kids, a boy and a girl- on the outside. But on the inside, the relationship is lacking the one thing women want most: intimacy.

Intimacy is different from sexual intercourse. It’s the connection you two have when you are kissing, touching, cuddling, caressing, playing silly childish games in bed like tickling and even pillow talking. Being intimate to a woman is like catnip to a kitten. It drives them crazy, good crazy.

Affection is their aphrodisiac and they could seek it elsewhere if they are not getting it at home. Even a simple foot massage when she comes home from work, a long torrid kiss in the car before she gets off to the super market or a simple touching of her hips when she’s washing the dishes can build a woman’s closeness with you and can definitely create a deep connection that can save a man his fragile ego.

Source by Jason Dee Dickson

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