I'm not being negative and trying to make anyone feel bad in this article. I'm pointing out the fact that we all have a certain amount of years on this planet to make our contribution to the world. None of us will live forever and it's a fact that at some point your obituary is going to be written. YOU are the only one who can determine what this obituary will say.

At nearly 60 years of age I am much more aware of what my own obituary will personally look like. As a young man I never wave this much thought. But if you think about this at a younger age you have a powerful tool to help you realize that you only have so much time to reach for your dreams.

Your life can be changed at ANY age.

My mission is to push, prod, poke, and set you on your way to finally taking action to shape and create the life you really want to live. I'm sorry if I do not sugar-coat these lessons to please everyone and sometimes I probably I upset some people.

I'm never try to sell you anything to make money, and I'm not trying to be popular. I'm trying to shake you out of the 'conditioning' we have all been exposed to 'society,' and limited by, and get you to begin taking action on the most important thing you will ever do in your life … reach for your dreams and discover your massive potential within.

My mission is to help you realize that you have the power to enjoy any type of life you want to live … IF you CHOOSE to make it happen. It will not happen automatically. And you may not have a long lifetime to reach all your desires and dreams and goals. So RIGHT NOW, whatever age you are at, is the time to get serious and begin to make it happen.

I want to you write 2 obituaries about yourself. In the first one write out what would have said about you if you passed away tomorrow. Make it as long as you like and most importantly … be truthful.

In your second obituary write out what it would say if you reached all your wishes and dreams in life. Make it long and detailed and beautiful. (If you need to see how an obituary is structured simply look in your local newspaper on on the Internet.)

What do you think would have said about you in the first obit? Do you think you would be happy with what was said?

Have you lived your life up to this point with unbridled enthusiasm and motivation? Have you been helpful to people in your life up to this point? Have you made a difference in other people's lives? Have you lived to your potential? Are you as successful as you think you could be?

Have you completed all your dreams? Are you working hard to reach them? How have you treated people? What type of person do others perceive you as? What do you think of yourself right now? How strong is your character? Character is how you think and feel and act when no one is looking.

By writing your own obituary ON PAPER you will get an accurate view of what your life has been like to this point. And hopefully it will scare the bee-gee-zees out of you if it's not how you want to be remembered!

The reason this exercise is so powerful is because it gives you a chance to make changes and LIVE the obituary you want posted when your time comes to leave this world.

It gives you a chance, and the motivation, to shape and create the type of life you want to be remembered for. It gives you a reason to begin right now to change what you want to change and begin to pursue the life you dream of.

The time to take ACTION is now, not next week, not next month, not next year. None of us knows how much time we will be blessed with in this life. Nothing is guaranteed.

Take pen and paper and DO this exercise! Do not just do it in your mind, you must put in paper to 'experience' the POWER it will give you! Write your own obituary today and take the opportunity you have to change anything you want in your life … CoachDoug.

Source by Doug Allan Dammeier

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