The presidential election is over and I can tell you now. President Elect Donald Trump is not going to save you. You are going to need more income. Senator Hillary Clinton couldn't save your finances, either. The truth is the middle class is dead. That dream of finding a good job, buying a house, having a car, and saving to retire to greener pastures is an illusion.

Don't believe me. Look at all the fast food jobs, security, and customer service jobs out there. There is not a job shortage. Jobs are everywhere if you are willing to work for minimum wage or a little higher. The unemployment rate has gone down every year since the last recession. Americans are scared because they are living paycheck to paycheck. They are in debt up to their eyeballs. One setback and they can be financially ruined.

Don't think the middle class is dead. Will the next POTUS bring back a resurgence of the middle class? Heck no, it has been in decline for over 30 years. Think about it. If you are making $ 100k in places like Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco or Chicago you are struggling. Especially, if you are carrying student loans, a mortgage, and huge credit card debts.

The Journey of The Broke

Go to work, get paid, and then barley make it to the next paycheck. Then use credit cards, pay-day loans, or home equity lines to bridge the gap until you get paid again. That is the journey of the broke. A vicious cycle that hits most American homes today. People are not getting ahead. You can blame the economy, greedy corporations, or bad trade deals. Ultimately why you are broke is because of YOU.

Until you create more income the cycle of debt and not enough money will repeat itself. Income is king to financial security. This is where people fail. They do not create more income. Sure cutting expenses and having a monthly cashflow plan can help your finances. But until you increase that income line … you will struggle.

Get Another Job

The fastest way to generate more income is to get a second job. Yes, there are a tone of jobs out there depending on where you live. Pizza delivery, security guards, fast food workers, and other minimal wage opportunities. I did say create a new career I said get a second job.

Getting a second job is the easiest thing to do to change your financial future. No it's not permanent. It's immediate income and when you handle the money correctly you could be financially secure in a couple of years. It takes work and discipline. Now if you have family obligations that will not allow you to get a second job you must find other ways to generate income.

Sell ​​your Crap

Yes I called it crap. If you are paying monthly fees for storage, can't park your car in the garage (the garage is meant for your car not piling up stuff), or you still trip over things in your house after you clean. Then you need to sell that crap. Hold a yard sell. Get rid of it and create some cash. Put it on eBay or other sites. Clean the cutter and fatten your wallet.

Side Hustle

With Uber and Lyft you can get your side hustle on. Keep your fulltime job and do these independent contractor jobs on the side. Choose your own hours. Work as much as you can. Don't like to drive? Find something that is flexible and increase your bottom line.

Business Owner

This is the hardest way to generate more income. But it will create wealth if you are successful. If you are not struck by the entrepreneur spirit then find another job. Can you turn your hobby into an empire? Maybe? Understand that to create more income in a business you need sales. Sales are the life-blood for all businesses. No sales no success.

Create More Income

I have given you several ways to earn more money. Put together a short-term and long-term plan. The middle class is dead. Your financial future is in your hands. More income streams will help you survive the middle class crunch.

Source by Charles Fitzgerald Butler

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